How to integrate using our integration document [QuikWallet Partner Integration Documentation v1.1]

Below is the flow diagram that has step by step flow


In the above diagram –

  1. RequestPayment API – Details are provided within Section C of the integration document. Below is the snippet- { "partnerid":"1", "mobile":"6432949000", "secret":"oXPpwQRrUL9WSaA0K0aE240k46gR867G", "amount":"100" }

Response against the above API from Quikwallet would look like below[Example]-

"status": "success",
"data": {
"id": "P-1001351","url": ""
  1. Merchant needs to invoke the URL[in the above example : ] in the above response from Quikwallet
  2. On invoking the above URL , payment page of Quikwallet will be called
  3. Quikwallet page will call “How to Pay” followed by “Pay” API
  4. Transaction processing response will be provided back to Merchant on the callback URL provided beforehand by Merchant[ Merchant need to provide this to us]. If this is not provided, the transaction processing status will be shown at Quikwallet client page only.